Trade2Business Forum is a networking group with a clear agenda: to promote its members’ businesses.

That's it ... it really is that simple!

Every meeting is full of professionals and traders meeting together to learn more about each other's businesses so that we can promote each other to our friends, family and customers. Most members also find it incredibly valuable to have a whole team of experienced business owners to talk about ideas and gain so much additional important support.

Networking has been proven time and again to be the #1 method of growing your business with top quality customers quickly and affordably. 

There are other networking groups, so why come along to a Trade2Business meeting?

Trade2Business Forum is a non - profit making group ... we have been set up and are run by our members. We have done this because when we form strong friendships we all make a lot more contacts and with those friendships comes more business. This is why we don't feel we have to charge you a huge amount for membership, which currently is just £100 per year!

What's more, since we only allow one member per trade or profession, this small sum guarantees your category exclusivity in the group.

In addition to your yearly membership, there is a small monthly charge of £40 which covers the cost of the venue hire, breakfast (all you can eat!) and refreshments.

There is no other networking meeting group on the South Coast like Trade2Business, so come along and see what all the fuss is all about! Find out where your nearest meeting is now!


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