About Trade2Business

Everything we do we do for our members benefit, and each meeting is carefully planned and designed to maximise the amount of business that goes on in the room. Whilst there is no pressure at all on the members to bring referrals every week, our meetings are so up-beat, friendly and always lively that business usually flows as a result of these strong friendships we form amongst each other.

We realise that it is only the best and strongest bonds between members that will ultimately lead to business, so for this reason we meet weekly to really get to know each other so we can confidently refer business to each other.

There are other benefits of meeting weekly too:

  • To talk business
  • To grow our business with the weekly business education slots
  • To strengthen our relationships
  • To give business introductions
  • To show appreciation for business received
  • To gather testimonials
  • To introduce visitors

The Meeting Structure

During each meeting every member and visitor will have the has the opportunity to give a short personal introduction - the so called "elevator pitch." This helps promote our own businesses to the group and helps advise the other members of the kind of work you can perform so they can be on the look out for business opportunities for you!

In addition to this weekly reminder, one member every week will be given the chance to talk about their business for a whole 15 minutes to present a more detailed overview of their business! It may sound terrifying but once you have done it a few time you'll love it!

Ultimately, it’s not about who you know … but WHO KNOWS YOU!!

 “Never underestimate the power of someone recommending your business personally - it’s by far the strongest basis for good business”.


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